Invitation to the world of MICRO CADAM which always evolves.

Standard and Revolution --- The choice is yours. But you have no other choice.

Great value : the storaged drawing data.

The past drawing data is storage of the knowledge of your company.
MICRO CADAM is the industry standard 2D-CAD.
MICRO CADAM Helix with a proud history continues to evolute in changeable design environment by maintenance of compatibility.

Until now, and also future ...

Please continue using MICRO CADAM Helix trustingly.
MICRO CADAM Helix support your design environment.

MCHS : the usage in security.

MICRO CADAM Helix Support (MCHS) Service improve the functions by the customer request, and perform the various support.

MICRO CADAM、MICRO CADAM Helix are trademarks of IBM Japan Services Company Ltd.

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